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SlipNOT® Donates $5,000 to Multiple Schools in Need of Learning Materials and Supplies

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SlipNOT® Donates $5,000 to Multiple Schools in Need of Learning Materials and Supplies

September 1, 2011

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring, a premier manufacturer of slip resistant metal safety products, is pleased to announce a donation of approximately $5,000 to multiple schools in need.  Through, SlipNOT® was able to assist several teachers in purchasing school supplies critical to learning such as books, clipboards, special education communication enhancement materials, science activity tubs, a lap top, a camera, visual impairment activities and sensory balls and equipment.

DonorsChoose is an online charity created by Charles Best to connect those interested in contributing directly with teachers and children in need.  Founded to help distressed public schools, the user-friendly site gives a more personal look at the situations facing schools, children and teachers today. SlipNOT® chose projects in Michigan where unemployment rates are the highest in order to give back to the state.

In tough economic times, donations to schools and children are a necessity to help education and transform students into future leaders.  Equipping children with learning tools, school supplies and technology is essential to the growth of new generations.  Funding for schools has diminished to an all time low, making a good education more difficult to obtain for children that are disadvantaged due to income or special needs.

Teachers often require additional material and equipment necessary for providing children with a well-rounded education.  SlipNOT® donated items vital to preparing visually impaired children to read Braille, sensory items essential for children with autism to calm themselves during stressful situations and communication materials to help children with special needs to express themselves.  These materials will not only equip the children for school but make a difference in each child’s life by enhancing fine motor skills, creativity, speech, leadership and problem solving.

Other donations include books and science activity tubs that give children a passion for learning.  Igniting a child’s interest at a young age can lead to an enriched life of endless opportunities.  In a technological world that is evolving everyday, it is also important for children to be able to operate and understand computers.

“Children need the opportunity to learn by utilizing new mediums and having the resources to help them develop is critical” said SlipNOT® Vice President Christina Molnar-Metrose.

By donating annually, SlipNOT® aims to help the educational inequity crisis that faces our nation each year. Through organizations such as it’s possible for teachers and students to reach out to the community for help by providing detailed information on the children, classes, projects, items needed and why.


About SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring:

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring, Division of the W.S. Molnar Company, is a manufacturer of slip resistant metal flooring products that are designed to increase safety and decrease risk exposure.  SlipNOT®’s exclusive safety product line is customized to meet detailed specifications and meet the needs of the most complex projects, regardless of scope or schedule.  SlipNOT® supplies a multitude of industries including Aerospace, Commercial, Education, Food and Beverage, Government, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, among many others. To receive more information about SlipNOT®, you can visit us at or contact us at 1-800-SlipNOT or


Christina Molnar-Metrose, Vice President
Nicole Moran, New Business Associate