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M.G. Newell and SlipNOT® Offer Safe Flooring Solutions for Sanitary Processors

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M.G. Newell and SlipNOT® Offer Safe Flooring Solutions for Sanitary Processors

April 30, 2015

M.G. Newell is a leader in providing unparalleled service to sanitary processing industries. M.G. Newell and SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring have been working together for many years to supply safe solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and/or personal care processors across North America. M.G. Newell now offers SlipNOT®’s stainless steel coating as an option for clients requiring a slip resistant surface.

SlipNOT®’s unparalleled surface hardness is combined with a maximum bond strength producing the most durable, longest lasting slip resistant surface available. SlipNOT®’s stainless steel products are registered by NSF International, chemical and corrosion resistant, and provide a hygienic solution for slippery areas. Stainless steel products also withstand the extreme heat of cookers and extreme cold of cyrogenics. SlipNOT® stainless steel can be applied to ANY stainless steel material. SlipNOT® can coat customer supplied material or provide custom fabricated products with the SlipNOT® coating ready to install.

About M.G. Newell:
Headquartered in Greensboro with divisional offices in Greensboro, Louisville, and Nashville, M.G. Newell is a full service distributor and systems integrator of sanitary equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Established in 1885 as a dry goods store, the company has evolved over the years first to a dairy supply business, and later to its present structure. The company proudly celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2010.

Christina Molnar Metrose – Vice President
Nicole Moran – New Business Associate