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Stopping Slips and Falls With A Higher Coefficient Of Friction

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Stopping Slips and Falls With A Higher Coefficient Of Friction

September 29, 2007

Facility Safety Management Magazine

The National Safety Council reports that there are over million disabling slip/fall injuries per year and the total annual costs of all slip and fall injuries in the United States exceed $60 billion and result in 95 million lost work days per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics note that Slip/Fall accidents are the most common work related injury and represent over 65% of all work days lost and he average cost of a slip/fall accident is over $20,000.

There are many factors that determine the safety of walking/working surfaces. The ASTM F13 Committee on Safety and Footwear Traction has noted that a persons gait, type of footwear, environmental conditions and cleanliness of walking surfaces, and inherent coefficient of friction of surfaces all impact slip and fall events. They have also noted that most slip/fall events occur in going from a higher COF surface to a lower.

OSHA has recommended a minimum surface coefficient of friction (COF) value of 0.5 which was adapted from an older Ceramic Tile Institute standard. Also, the American’s with Disabilities Act requires ADA compliant surfaces have a minimum COF value of 0.6 on flat surfaces and 0.8 on inclined surfaces. The National Fire Protection Association requires a minimum COF of 0.68 under wet conditions for a “;safe surface”.

Despite the numerous health and economic concerns, there is no one arbitrary standard for safety, only numerous guidelines and suggestions presented by various industries and governmental entities. Actual coefficient of friction values are effected by the test methodologies and test sensors utilized and, often times, do not accurately represent actual field conditions of walking surfaces impacted by rain, snow melt, traffic grime, or other contaminants.

Metal plates and metal gratings have low inherent COF values as these surfaces are relatively smooth in comparison to concrete. When these become wet or oily, they become extremely dangerous.

SlipNOT® added to these metal surfaces drastically increases the COF to over double recommended values, even under wet and oily conditions. Testing 1.0 or higher, SlipNOT® represents the latest technology for anti-slip surface traction in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. Fortune 500 companies, major utilities, oil and gas companies, municipalities, bridge companies, and the military utilize SlipNOT® to provide durable, long-term, safe and productive environments.

SlipNOT® utilizes a molten metal plasma deposited directly onto the surfaces of metal substrates creating the most slip-resistant, high-friction surface available. The surface is bonded at over 4000 psi and has a resultant surface hardness of over 55 on the Rockwell “;C” scale. This combination of high bond strength and surface hardness provides unmatched durability and longevity.

SlipNOT® is used for stairs, sidewalks, bridge decks, grating platforms, ramps, and many other situations. The Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois, is utilizing SlipNOT® stainless steel and galvanized steel gratings in their fire training facility providing cadets sure-footed traction in the heavily soaked fire training environments.

Naval Air Stations throughout the country utilize SlipNOT® tarmac plates as maintenance platforms for F-18 fighters providing safe, effective work areas for mechanics. SlipNOT® Road Plates are utilized in New York, Los Angeles, and many other cities dramatically increasing pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety over these temporary construction plates. SlipNOT® Bridge Plates/Grates and Cycle-Safe Bridge Plates can be used to construct or retrofit bridges throughout the country making dangerous open-grate lanes bicycle and motorcycle friendly and providing ultimate safety in all environments.

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