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Work Place Safety a Factor in American Automotive Industry Recent Success

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Work Place Safety a Factor in American Automotive Industry Recent Success

February 15, 2008

The future is looking bright for the American Automotive Industry following the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. With American auto companies receiving honors in production and concept categories; General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are maintaining their niche in the global market.

Production of these award winning vehicles begins at the assembly level where workplace safety is of the utmost importance. For over two decades, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors have used SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring products to drastically improve work-place safety and employee productivity. With new Engine and Transmission plants opening in North America, these companies have incorporated SlipNOT®into these new facilities at the design stage utilizing steel Grip Plate® for production platforms in facility construction in 2007-2008. Similar plates are being utilized in platforms and trench covers for retooling Chrysler’s Phoenix Engine facility in Trenton, Michigan.

If U.S. auto makers are forced to stop production of these vehicles for facility safety renovations it can make competing in a competitive environment that much more difficult. For the past 20 years American auto-makers increased safety without compromising valuable manufacturing time by retrofitting SlipNOT®slip resistant products over existing slippery production areas. This time saving measure eliminates the need for costly shut downs while improving facility safety. Retrofitting SlipNOT® safety flooring material allows automotive manufacturing professionals to create a safe work environment without interrupting production schedules.

Lost production time means lost revenue, however operating a facility in unsafe, hazardous conditions can be costly as well. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of worker compensation claims and safety issues in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 15 percent of incidental workplace deaths are caused by slips, trips and falls, second only to traffic accident fatalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average slip and fall injury costs an employer $28,000.

Safety Coordinators and Maintenance Managers have the responsibility of creating and maintaining safe work environments for auto workers and sustaining strict facility budgets. Quick safety solutions are a favorable course of action in preventing slip and fall injuries. However saving time and money at the expense of worker safety is not an option. In the past auto makers have tried epoxies, safety tapes and diamond plate for their safety flooring needs and in the end these “;quick” methods cost auto makers more. The time saving benefit is off set by the cost for continuous maintenance and the need for multiple applications due the ineffective nature of such alternatives.

SlipNOT® Flattened Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® and Perforated-Flex Grip® provide permanent work-place safety solutions for automakers. SlipNOT® has become standard for safety repairs within some of the leading automotive manufactures. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, have all used slip resistant Perforated-Flex Grip® and Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® for 20 years to retrofit over dangerously slick gratings, stair treads, catwalks, ramps, and mezzanines.

SlipNOT® Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® is used to retrofit over existing hazardous flooring creating a safe, productive walking surface. Grid Grip provides vital traction necessary to increase safety with a minimum of weight and surface area. Perforated-Flex Grip® provides a durable surface area similar to plate with the drainage benefits of grating. The retrofitting process of both products does not require replacement or movement of any preexisting structures and is a quick solution with minimal down time. SlipNOT®products have been engineered to withstand the most severe environments and are used on conveyor lines, worker platforms, maintenance areas, ladders, and other hazardous areas where slips and falls are likely to occur.

Automotive suppliers and contractors also rely on SlipNOT® to help create dependable working conditions for employees. Linamar, a world leader in precision machined components, modules and systems for automotive manufactures used SlipNOT® Flattened Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® in their manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Over a two year period Linamar installed approximately 10,000 sq ft of SlipNOT® expanded metal. Prior to installation the Guelph facility had acres upon acres of slippery bar grating, that while structurally sound, was a dangerous slip and fall hazard. Rather than impede production schedules for safety renovations, Linamar decided to save time and increase facility safety by retrofitting SlipNOT® Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® over existing grated structures.

SlipNOT® Sales Representative Jeff Baker worked closely with Linamar safety and facilities management to find time saving, permanent solutions for plant safety issues. “;Linamar had already spent a considerable amount of time and facilities budget on new platforms for their plant, and while these platforms were structurally sound the production environment made employees vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. Rather than using an epoxy or paint that would continuously flake or chip off they were looking for a more dependable and permanent option. Retrofitting SlipNOT®’s Flattened Expanded Metal-Grid Grip® was the most effective solution. There was little to no down time for production and it was much more cost effective than replacing brand new platforms”

In addition to providing the American auto industry with slip resistant metal flooring products to retrofit over existing structures; SlipNOT® has supplied the industry with slip resistant plate, grating, stair treads andstair nosings to provide safety during initial construction of new manufacturing facilities. SlipNOT® slip resistant metal flooring products are the most dependable and permanent solution for auto makers and their suppliers.