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SlipNOT® Donates Non-Slip Materials to the University of Michigan

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SlipNOT® Donates Non-Slip Materials to the University of Michigan

July 22, 2007

SlipNOT®Metal Safety Flooring is proud to announce their participation as a co-sponsor for the 2007 University of Michigan Solar Car Team. In May 2007, SlipNOT® was presented the opportunity to sponsor the accomplished solar car team with a donation of slip resistant steel and aluminum materials to be used in the restoration of the team’s semi trailer.

The team’s trailer was originally assembled with basic linoleum flooring and was beginning to wear away and tear along the edges. Over the years wear and tear from previous teams was beginning to create a dangerous hazard; team members were beginning to have issues with slipping inside the semi as they moved about.

Operational Division team member Brooke Bailey decided it was time to start looking for a solution. In her search she came upon an advertisement for SlipNOT® in an industrial trade magazine and decided to contact the Michigan based company. With a limited budget and a fair amount of money already spent on repairs to the break system, chassis, and suspension Bailey proposed to SlipNOT® a sponsorship opportunity through donation.

The team which has won four national championships and placed 3rd at three World Solar Challenges was looking for a sponsorships which would support their goal of a 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge win; a feat which no other Michigan Solar Car Team has accomplished. The team felt that with a new slip resistant trailer floor not only would they have a more aesthetically pleasing semi trailer, they would ultimately have a higher functioning trailer because of the reduction of slip and fall accidents.

SlipNOT® was thrilled with the chance to provide such a talented and driven group of young individuals with the resources needed to make their WSC win a reality. Vice President, Christina Molnar-Metrose said, “When the University of Michigan Solar Car Team contacted us about our slip resistant flooring products and explained the problems they were having with slip and falls; it was clear, our product was what they needed. SlipNOT® was happy to donate our products for worthy project and great group of students.”

SlipNOT® donated galvanized non-slip floor plate to cover the trailer bed along with an exterior aluminum non-slip ladder and was awarded Silver Sponsorship status from the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. The ladder would be used to replace an existing broken ladder on the outside of the trailer used by the team to access the roof of the semi. Teammates prefer to sleep on the roof of the trailer while competing in the WSC to avoid various wildlife in the Australian outback.

For more information on the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, visit their website.

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