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SlipNOT® Donates School Supplies to Local Elementary School

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SlipNOT® Donates School Supplies to Local Elementary School

October 28, 2008

Detroit, MI (Business Wire) October 28, 2008: SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring, leader in non-slip metal safety flooring technology, has donated $5000 in school supplies to Ralph Bunche Elementary School; part of the company’s charitable giving program.

Ralph Bunche Elementary resides in an old neighborhood with strong community ties. SlipNOT® employs former students of Bunche Elementary and believes strongly in supporting the youth of tomorrow.  Not only have successful SlipNOT® employees attended Bunche, but also Detroit’s former Mayor Dennis Archer. Bunche is rated one of the top schools in Detroit Public Schools system and local district.  Their academic program is based upon Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE’s).

“;We made sure to include age-appropriate supplies in each backpack and included copies of everything for teachers to use in the classroom.  We hope these supplies will be used for years to come and will help educate future students.” said SlipNOT® associate Beth Faraci.

SlipNOT®’s charitable giving program includes donations to various local organizations including theDetroit Police and Fire Departments, University of Detroit High School Robotics Club, University of Michigan Engineering Department, Big Brother & Sister of the Global Village; ran by the Black Catholic Global Outreach Organization, and Solanus Casey Center / Soup Kitchen a ministry of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars in Detroit among others.

SlipNOT® values its community and believes in teamwork within the organization. Employees understand the heartache families face when they can’t meet the needs of their children. SlipNOT® embraced the opportunity to help 400 families by supplying every child at Bunche Elementary the tools for success. For more than a month the SlipNOT® team purchased and assembled backpacks filled with pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, folders, paper, rulers, reference books, dictionaries and more to be donated to the school for higher learning. SlipNOT® believes that quality education sets the foundation for a bright future.


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