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SlipNOT® Donates $5,000 to Purchase School Supplies for Students Nationwide

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SlipNOT® Donates $5,000 to Purchase School Supplies for Students Nationwide

November 12, 2012

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring made a donation of $5,000 to support schools locally and throughout the country this past month.  SlipNOT®’s donation impacted almost 2,000 students at 16 different schools, supplying them with necessary classroom materials through is an online organization that allows teachers to post projects asking for monetary donations for their classroom’s needs.  What started as a small idea quickly expanded into a nonprofit organization serving K-12 public and charter schools in all 50 states.  Now, with hundreds of teachers utilizing, student’s needs are being fulfilled and classrooms are being stocked with critical and innovative learning materials.

SlipNOT® contributed to 16 projects, which helped students with disabilities, under-privileged girls, and many more.  SlipNOT® helped a teacher in Springfield, MA reach her goal of raising money for privacy boards and math cubes for her tiny classroom that was destroyed by a tornado two years ago. Along with crucial math resources lost in the tornado, the classroom is too small for her students to be educated correctly.

Teachers were overwhelmed with gratitude for the generous donations, sending many thanks to Christina and the team at SlipNOT®.  “I donated because the projects will bring important learning opportunities to the classroom,” said Christina Molnar Metrose, Vice President of SlipNOT®.

SlipNOT® also helped students in a physical education classroom in Pennsylvania by donating to purchase light-weight cage balls used to develop upper body strength and hand-eye coordination.  According to the American Heart Association, about one in three students are overweight or obese and the teacher claims these balls help fight obesity.  “The excitement the students will show when they see me bring these exercise balls out of the closet will melt your heart,” said Ms. S, the physical education teacher whose project was fully funded.

Local focus was important as seven of the projects were schools in Southeast Michigan in high-poverty areas.  The donation allowed educators to purchase books, a computer to help students with special needs communicate, supplies to implement a recycle program and a digital microscope.

SlipNOT® is passionate about childhood development and education throughout our country.  By donating to annually, teachers are provided with the materials they need to educate our future.  In five years, hopes to inspire 1 million people to donate $100 million to high-poverty public schools, and with the help of SlipNOT®, they will be closer to reaching their goal.

About SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring

SlipNOT® manufactures slip resistant metal flooring products which provide high traction working and walking surfaces.  SlipNOT®’s various product lines include floor plate, grating, stair treads, plank, and ladder rungs.  Products meet and exceed all OSHA and ADA requirements and slip resistant recommendations for coefficient of friction, reducing injury and liability.

Christina Molnar Metrose, Vice President

Melissa Schwartz, Marketing Assistant


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