Steel plates installed to ensure worker safety on fork truck bridge

  • The Situation

    Cadillac Casting, Inc. is an industry leader in ductile iron castings with a reputation for developing and manufacturing superior products. Some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers get their casting products from CCI. While CCI rises to the challenge of virtually any casting requirement, it does focus on complex powertrain and drivetrain components as well as safety-critical suspension products. CCI knows that in order to stay at the top of the field, it has take care of its people. Safety is the number one priority in the Cadillac, MI facility. CCI believes its respect for its people is evident in everything they do.

    In order to ensure unwavering safety to employees, CCI needed to replace a floor covering on a pedestrian/fork truck bridge. Having already tried various solutions for the area, CCI contacted SLIPNOT hoping for a more permanent solution.

  • The Solution

    Over the years, CCI has tried several different products to provide slip resistance and traction on a pedestrian/fork truck bridge in its facility. Unfortunately, none of them were providing adequate safety or lasting very long.

    After review specifications, SLIPNOT provided (3) 60” x 144” x ⅛” thick A36 steel plates with Grade 3 steel for slip resistance. Grade 3 steel is an ideal solution for the high traffic area as it is SLIPNOT's most abrasive product, allowing for maximum slip resistance and traction for both pedestrians and fork trucks.

  • The Impact

    Cadillac Casting, Inc. takes the safety of its employees very seriously. When multiple products had failed to live up to the high safety and longevity standards CCI had for the pedestrian/fork truck bridge, CCI turned to SLIPNOT for a solution.

    The Grade 3 steel plates SLIPNOT provided not only provide maximum safety for employees, but they are also “holding up better than any other product that we’ve used there” according to a facilities engineer with the company.

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