Commercial Kitchen Drains Replaced with Non Slip Diagonal ADA Punched Plank for Walt Disney Resorts

  • The Situation:

    Restaurant employees face the risk of slipping and falling on a daily basis. Slip and fall incidents can result in injury that will result in lost work hours and can negatively effect the restaurant’s safety reputation. OSHA recognizes many conditions as hazards to restaurant employees that can result in injury; including cluttered and slippery floors from oil, water or food in the cooking and dishwashing areas. Flooring surfaces with medium to high slip resistance ratings give the right balance of minimizing slip risk while providing ease of cleaning, making them the perfect option for the unique requirements of various food preparation environments. The Walt Disney Resorts had concerns for slippery conditions in drain areas at the Saratoga Springs Turf Club kitchen. Diagonal ADA punched plank with the SLIPNOT surface was recommended to replace existing bar grating over drains that were a cause for concern due to the bare metal’s slippery properties.

  • The Solution:

    The initial consideration was to send the existing stainless steel grating to be coated with the SLIPNOT surface. Some discussion lead to selecting aluminum plank; specifically for its provision of strength-to-weight ratios to allow for reduced weight of the covers with durable, long-lasting wearability. The stainless steel non slip surface was specified to be applied to the aluminum plank in order to allow for the corrosion resistant properties on a lightweight substrate. For this application, SLIPNOT provided eight 1" x 23-1/8" x 26-11/16" diagonal punched aluminum planks with a Grade 2 stainless steel mill finish. ADA compliance was also a propelling factor, the diagonal punched pattern allowed for the ADA requirements they were seeking while providing for adequate drainage. Detail drawings were provided to specify trim banding and confirm a flush fit into the existing opening to replace the untreated bar grating.

  • The Impact:

    The Engineering Manager on this project reported the non slip punched plank was a great safety enhancement for their whole cast. Anti-fatigue grid matting is a common slip resistant solution for the food and beverage industry, and while they can be designed to resist grease, oil, and water, the mats themselves can deteriorate over time. Drain covers in many areas can suffer from slippery conditions where liquids gather, producing unsafe conditions. Commercial kitchens at hotels, resorts, banquet centers, and other large service areas can benefit from permanent slip resistance with a safety coating.

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