NIBCO, Inc. improves stair safety with SLIPNOT

  • The Situation

    NIBCO, Inc. was founded in 1904 in Elkhart, IN under the name Northern Indiana Brass Foundry Works. While it originally made parts for musical instruments and bronze castings for balancing scales, NIBCO's product line and geographical reach have expanded in the last 110 years. Currently the company is a leading provider of valves, fittings, and flow control products for various markets and industries. It has also expanded to have locations in Arkansas, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Mexico, and Poland, with the headquarters remaining in Elkhart.

    NIBCO has four core values: Integrity, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement, and Safety. Its commitment to safety is why the company contacted SLIPNOT when it needed a slip resistant solution for new stairs at the Nacogdoches, TX facility.

  • The Solution

    The NIBCO facility in Nacogdoches, TX needed to replace old stairs leading into the main entrance of the building. Being outside, a slip resistant solution was necessary to protect employees and visitors from slipping in wet conditions on their way into the building. NIBCO contacted SLIPNOT for a solution, and after reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT provided (4) 12” x 144” x ¼” thick steel stair treads with 1 ½” nosings and 7” risers with SLIPNOT Grade 2 steel. Once at the facility and assembled, NIBCO also painted the new staircase to protect the A36 steel from corrosion.

  • The Impact

    NIBCO takes the safety of its employees and any visitors to its plants very seriously. Back in 2015, they also had SLIPNOT retrofitted over several areas that were originally slippery diamond plate. So when they needed a new stair entrance to the facility, NIBCO turned to SLIPNOT again for a solution. The new slip resistant stairs provide unwavering safety to anyone that needs to take the stairs, even when wet. Since NIBCO also painted the steel, it is also protects the stairs from corrosion and will ensure the stairs remain safe for years to come.

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