Non-slip stair treads provide traction on previously smooth stairs

  • The Situation

    Ardagh Group, is a global leader in glass and metal packaging solutions for the biggest consumer food and beverage brands.

    One of Ardagh Group's glass manufacturing facilities had smooth metal steps creating a slip and fall hazard. Facility management tried to correct the issue with non-slip tape which proved to be an inadequate solution.

  • The Solution

    After reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT® supplied Ardagh Group with (33) various sized 3/16" steel stair treads with a 1 3/4" nosing.

    To provide the necessary slip resistance to keep employees on their feet, SLIPNOT® Grade 2 steel was applied to the treads before being painted black and shipped to Ardagh Group for installation.

    The Grade 2 steel coating exceeds all standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance, maintaining a 0.8 coefficient of friction even when wet. It is also registered as slip resistant with Underwriters Laboratories per UL 410 and has been evaluated at almost double UL's requirements for slip resistant materials.

    Once Ardagh Group received its custom slip resistant stair treads, they were retrofitted over the existing stairs.

  • The Impact

    An Ardagh employee involved in the process of ordering the SLIPNOT® stair treads said, "This is a much better solution and has [been] met with great approval by the employees."

    Employees have been so satisfied with the stair treads that the company has continued to install SLIPNOT® throughout that facility and others around the country.

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