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NORPAC Replaces Diamond Plate with SlipNOT Aluminum Plates

The Situation

NORPAC Foods, Inc. is a farmer-owned cooperative founded in Oregon in 1924. The cooperative consists of over 200 family farms on more than 40,000 acres in the Willamette Valley. All products are harvested and processed locally, with most farms located within 50 miles of plant facilities. This allows crops to go from field to freezer in less than four hours, ensuring freshness.

In 2002, NORPAC farmers established the NORPAC Stewardship Task Force. Its purpose is “to define and communicate NORPAC’s collective commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and establish a process of third-party certification of stewardship practices.” The Task Force established nine sustaining principles for NORPAC, the fifth of which is to “Provide safe and fair working conditions for employees and families.” In adhering to this principle, NORPAC realized it had to replace some areas of diamond plate in a facility in Southeast Salem as it was not providing the necessary slip resistance to keep employees safe.

The Solution

NORPAC contacted SlipNOT® to provide a safe solution to replace several areas of diamond plate at a food processing facility. The diamond plate was not providing adequate slip resistance, especially when wet. After review specifications, SlipNOT® provided (19) 60” x 120” x ¼” thick aluminum plates with SlipNOT® Grade 2 aluminum for slip resistance. The plates were then custom cut and installed throughout the facility, including on raised walkways and work platforms.

The areas were the SlipNOT® aluminum plates were installed see frequent water spills, leading to occasional standing water and dangerous conditions. The conditions were even more dangerous on diamond plate, as it does not meet OSHA regulations when wet. However, SlipNOT® exceeds those regulations, wet or dry, ensuring all NORPAC employees have the necessary slip resistance to keep them safe on the job.

The Impact

After replacing sections of diamond plate with SlipNOT® aluminum, NORPAC no longer has to worry about the safety of employees in their Southeast Salem facility. The aluminum is not only durable, but corrosion and rust resistant, meaning it will protect workers for years to come. Since all SlipNOT® products exceed all standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance, NORPAC can continue to provide fresh, sustainable foods knowing employees are safe.