Packaging Plant Incorporates Non-Slip Steel Flat Bars on Conveyor Belt

Steel Plates on Conveyor
  • The Situation:

    A systems supplier who manufactures high-performance flexible packaging material for coffee, dry food, liquid food, industrial and pet food products, contacted SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring for a non-slip solution to their plants slick conveyer belts. The systems supplier needed a durable, anti-slip flat bar which would fit in between the rollers. SLIPNOT has provided slip resistant cover plates in the past, mainly for automotive conveyer belts where excess oils were a concern.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT provided 45 pieces of 1/8” x 2” x 54” steel flat bars with a Grade 2 steel flame spray coating. The 45 pieces were tack welded into place. The non-slip steel flat bars replaced the old, smooth metal bars which caused numerous slip and fall accidents. The conveyor process at the packaging plant includes an empty pallet which is placed at the end of the conveyor and secured to the finished product. Once the finished product is secured it goes down the conveyor to the next station where it is shrink wrapped. The operator then walks down the conveyor to fasten the shrink wrap to the finished product. This is when most accidents happen, which is why SLIPNOT's non-slip steel flat bar was incorporated. Now the operator’s do not hesitate while performing tasks on the conveyor belt.

    Conveyors are one of the best productivity tools available, but conveyor injuries in the U.S. cost employers millions of dollars annually. By making sure the conveyors are properly operated and designed with safety in mind, you can reduce these injuries and their related costs.

  • The Impact:

    Applying SLIPNOT non-slip steel flat bars was the optimal choice for the packaging plant. The full surface coverage will ensure a safe walking surface for the operator’s while securing shrink wrap on the finished products. Retrofitting conveyer belts can easily be implemented with minimal downtime, creating maximum safety.

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