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Decreasing Slip and Falls With Aluminum Plate

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Decreasing Slip and Falls With Aluminum Plate

April 12, 2012

Many companies are losing their good employee’s due to retirement.  According to Occupational Health & Safety, every seven seconds in the United States, someone turns 61, raising concern among management of losing talented workers.  However, due to the economy and diminishment of 401K savings and social security, many employees are reconsidering retirement.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says about 95 percent of Americans over 65 are willing to continue working full or part time.

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, fatalities for employee’s over 55 are 10 percent higher, due to transportation incidents, slips and falls or being injured by objects.  By eliminating heavy lifts, improving the lighting, removing clutter and making floors slip resistant, companies may be able to keep their most experienced employees safe.

Depending on what type of industry your company is, will deter what type of slip resistant flooring you may need.  A non-slip product that will help employees stay on their feet is OSHA certified aluminum plate flooring.  Aluminum plate may be used on applications such as ramps, docks, conveyer covers, pedestrian walkways, platforms, vault covers or stair treads.  Its lightweight and durable properties, make it a preeminent choice.

The National Safety Council says that slip and falls are the most common emergency room visits, which tend to be mostly joint injuries.  Installing a safety product such as aluminum plate will better help employees with traction throughout the workplace.

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