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Fall Protection on Wind Turbines

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Fall Protection on Wind Turbines

February 16, 2012

As alternative energy is becoming more and more popular across the globe, wind turbines and wind farms are steadily increasing in numbers.  Wind turbines are extremely tall structures where worker safety and fall protection must be taken into account.

According to the article “Don’t Blow Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry” there are three areas that need to be specifically addressed:

1.)    Assembly: addressing fall protection while workers assemble the large structures.  Wind, rain and offshore environments must be taken into account.
2.)    Maintenance: wind turbines require maintenance just like any other structure.  Keeping safe while changing and cleaning parts is vital.
3.)    Rescue: Many wind farms are located in remote areas or even in the ocean, so all employees must be well trained in rescue in case an injury should happen.

Non-slip materials installed on wind turbines would help create a safe stepping/working surface for worker where fall protection is essential.  SlipNOT® manufactures non-slip ladder rungs and covers that can be installed over existing slippery rungs or in new wind turbine construction.  Non slip plate can also be custom fabricated to fit over any slippery work area.  Wind turbines that are located offshore need products that are corrosion resistant.  Slip resistant stainless steel and galvanized steel provided by SlipNOT® combine corrosion protection and safety.

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