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  • Can your product be applied in the field?

    No, in order to ensure high-quality products we only apply our patented SLIPNOT process in our facility in Detroit, MI.

  • Does SLIPNOT protect from rust and corrosion?

    The actual SLIPNOT slip resistant coating does not protect from rust and corrosion; however aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel products do not rust and are appropriate for outside applications.

  • Can you fabricate SLIPNOT products?

    SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring products can be treated just like their smooth plate counterparts. The unique SLIPNOT material can be sheared, flame/torch cut, laser cut, water jet cut, plasma cut or otherwise fabricated without harming the SLIPNOT surface. Since SLIPNOT is an all-metal surface it can be welded, either directly or from the opposite side, without the need of grinding or other surface preparation using the same standard metal welding rods. SLIPNOT can also be drilled, countersunk and formed.

    Due to the surface hardness, SlipNOT® plates can crack if formed at too tight a radius. In addition, aluminum SlipNOT® will compress at contact points leaving a scar in the surface profile. Care must be taken when forming stainless steel so that steel dust and particles do not become embedded in the stainless steel surface causing rust to form at a later date. We recommend lining the surface of the press brake tooling with thin (18 ga. or 16 ga.) stainless steel to prevent surface contamination. Utilizing these thin plate guards also prevents tooling damage from the SlipNOT® surface.

  • How much does your product cost?

    Each job is custom fabricated to the specific details of the customers' needs. Since each job is unique, SLIPNOT does not have a specific price on each slip resistant product. Request a quote to receive pricing information for your specific application.

  • Where do you distribute your product from?

    Our products are all manufactured and distributed from our facility in Detroit, MI. Our products are then shipped throughout North America.

  • How long does your product last?

    SLIPNOT products last years beyond taped-on or painted-on non-slip products because of its file hard surface between 55 – 63 on the Rockwell “C” scale) and has a bond strength at least 4,000 psi.

  • How can I request a quote on your product?

    In order to get a quote on our slip resistant products you can either request a quote using the form on our website (, call us at 800-754-7668 to speak with a sales representative, or fax us your project specifications at 313-923-4555.

  • How long does it take to deliver SLIPNOT products once ordered?

    Lead times depend on the type of material ordered and if any fabrication needs to be done to the project. Stock sized pieces generally have a quicker lead time than pieces that have to be fabricated.

  • Can I supply my own material to be coated?

    Yes, if you have a specific existing piece of flooring that needs to be coated with our slip-resistant surface, depending on size, we can coat it in our facility in Detroit, MI. In order to ensure a high-quality product, we only apply our non-slip coating in our Detroit facility and not in the field. You can also purchase the material from us to be coated. For more information, visit our Custom Applications page.

  • What types of material do you use?

    We coat different alloys upon request.

  • Can you coat any existing flooring or ladders?

    No, however we can retrofit our slip resistant grating, perforated plate or expanded metal over any slippery flooring you may have. When retrofitting over concrete or wood, SLIPNOT products are best fastened directly to the surface. When retrofitting over a metal surface, SLIPNOT products are best welded directly onto the metal. The best slip resistant solution to an existing ladder is to purchase coated ladder rung covers. Ladder rung covers retrofit over existing slippery ladder rungs and are easy to weld into place. If the ladder is new construction and has not been assembled yet, we can provide non-slip ladder rungs to be welded directly in to the new construction.

  • How does your product attach over existing problem areas?

    Our product can be welded, bolted or attached with countersunk screws to cover existing dangerous areas.

  • How is your coating applied?

    Our patented process applies a plasma stream deposition of molten metal to a metal substrate creating a surface that has a bond strength of at least 4,000 psi and has a surface hardness of between 55 – 63 on the Rockwell “C” scale.

  • What industries use SLIPNOT?

    All industries can benefit from SLIPNOT non-slip products. To name a few: food processing companies, bridge building companies, utility companies, offshore companies, industrial companies, automotive and manufacturing companies, and many more. Many companies have already been using SLIPNOT products for years: Kraft, Campbell’s Soup, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Pacific Gas & Electric, AT&T, Verizon, the United States Military and Caterpillar, among others. Visit our Case Studies page for more information.

  • Can you weld to the SLIPNOT surface?

    Yes, welding is actually one of the more common ways to apply our products to existing dangerous areas. You can weld to the SLIPNOT coated side or to the opposite side without hurting the SLIPNOT surface.

  • What is the load bearing capacity of your product?

    The SLIPNOT surface does not change the load bearing properties of the metal it is applied to. Questions regarding the amount of weight a certain metal can hold should be directed to a metal manufacturer or a structural engineer.

  • What is stainless on aluminum and steel on aluminum?

    SLIPNOT provides custom surface applications to meet the needs of complex projects. SLIPNOT aluminum products can be coated with a stainless steel or steel surface to combine the light weight properties of aluminum and the file hard surface of stainless steel or steel.

  • Do you install your products?

    No, SLIPNOT products can be installed and treated like any other bare metal product by a fabricator, installer or contractor.