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Galvanized Steel Processes

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Galvanized Steel Processes

March 29, 2012

Galvanized metal is a rust resistant option for areas that are wet or humid.  Galvanized product can be created in a few different ways resulting in different coefficient of friction surfaces.

1.)    Hot dipped galvanized products: Galvanizing products by dipping them in a molten bath of zinc is called hot dipping.  After exposing the zinc coating to oxygen it reacts creating zinc oxide which then reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate.  This galvanized coating stops any further corroding of the steel surface.

2.)    Electro-galvanized products: In this process the zinc is bonded to the steel surface through a process called electroplating.  A current of electricity is run through a saline/zinc solution with a zinc anode (electrode) and a steel conductor.  The zinc coats the steel and prevents corrosion.

The coefficient of friction for each of these types of galvanized surfaces varies.  Hot dipped galvanized steel generally produces the same surface throughout as the zinc solidifies on the steel.  Whereas there are many different surface patterns for the cells created with electro-galvanized steel.  Also electro-galvanized steel is not given a final temper pass (pressing the metal to flatten it) before being shipped to the customer.

Hot dipped galvanizing is the method SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring generally uses to protect steel safety products from corrosion.  The non-slip steel surface requires a specific galvanizing procedure as indicated by the Galvanizing Guidelines.  By adding a non-slip surface to the steel before the galvanizing process, SlipNOT® creates a surface with a high coefficient of friction.  Slip resistant galvanized steel is a cost effective way to include safety into wet and slippery areas that are prone to corrosion.

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