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Non-Slip Manufacturing Products

Slip resistance and durability in the most demanding environments

Manufacturing plants and facilities require high traction, slip-resistant flooring installed around equipment and machinery to provide safety for employees. Traditional diamond plate has a coefficient of friction (COF) that drastically reduces when exposed to several wet elements, creating a safety hazard for workers who are then exposed to this extremely slick surface. SLIPNOT has engineered a patented, metal coating that results in a file hard surface between 55-63 on the Rockwell C scale and a bond strength of at least 4,000 psi. This combination of extreme surface hardness and unparalleled bond strength ensures SLIPNOT as one of the most durable and long lasting anti slip product available. With SLIPNOT flooring you can be rest-assured that your employees are working in a safe and durable environment.

SLIPNOT Manufacturing Applications:
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Worker Platforms
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Catwalks
  • Industrial Mezzanines
  • Ladders
Companies that have utilized & approved SlipNOT products:
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • American Honda Motor Co. , Inc.
  • Durr Ecoclean, Inc.
  • Whirlpool U.S.A.
  • Tyco Fire Supression & Building Products

Manufacturing Case Studies

    Testimonials From Manufacturing Professionals

    • Flow Dynamics – Vice President

      Your product is awesome and I will definitely purchase more in the near future. Every aspect of dealing with your company is awesome.

    • Advantage Engineering, Inc. – Tooling Manager

      This was a safety issue as coolant and oil caused slips and falls for machinists. Since adding the coating, this has been solved and the chemicals do not eat away at the coating.

    • Hawthorne Seving Inc. – Operations Manager

      Great to work with, good pricing, and fast shipping!

    • Federal Mogul Corporation– Plant Manager

      I was very impressed with the SLIPNOT; coating. SLIPNOT was less expensive than purchasing what we used before and it works much better.

    • IntelliKinetics LLC – Design Engineer

      I was very happy with the product. I was also very impressed with the time it took to order, to receiving the finished product. I will definitely use SLIPNOT again and recommend to others.