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Waste & Wastewater

Waste & Wastewater

Creating safe, durable, and non-slip working environments

Whether your boatyard needs high traction stairs to keep crew members safe or your wastewater treatment plant needs slip-resistant grating to create a safe working environment, SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring can provide a surface coating that will drastically reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents. The water and wastewater industry is constantly exposed to wet surfaces that are hazardous when paired with smooth floor treads, grates and plates. SlipNOT has created a lightweight yet corrosion-resistant floor coating that will keep surfaces safe for years to come.

SlipNOT Water & Wastewater Applications:
  • Tank Covers
  • Access Hatches
  • Catwalks
Companies That Have Utilized & Approved SlipNOT Products:
  • City of Monroe
  • City of Denver
  • City of Los Angeles Water and Power
  • Croton Water Treatment Plant
  • Pirtle Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant

Waste & Wastewater Case Studies