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NSC Safety Perception Surveys

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NSC Safety Perception Surveys

June 24, 2013

Have you ever wondered how your employees really feel about your current safety program? Do they feel that it is effective? Do they feel that it needs improvements? Maybe they are seeing things that need to be fixed that you are unaware of? By performing a Safety Perception Survey some of these questions can be answered and your current safety program can be improved.  The National Safety Council (NSC) provides a plethora of information on Safety Perception Surveys.  They will even provide your company with the survey itself score it and send it back for your review.  Data is collected directly from employees at every level, giving your organization a good idea of what strengths and weaknesses are.

What are the benefits to performing a safety survey?  The NSC gives these answers:

1.)    They create a list for planning and improvement

2.)    They can be more accurate and timely than other safety plan evaluators

3.)    They help measure improvements in the future

4.)    They get employees involved in the evaluation process

How can these Safety Perception Surveys be used? The NSC gives these suggests among others:

1.)    They can help raise employee moral

2.)    They help monitor your safety program and the progress on improvement

3.)    They establish a basic baseline for future program evaluations

4.)    They help create an early risk warning system

5.)    They can identify and highlight problem areas

By using direct employee feedback Safety Perception Surveys can be an effective tool in reducing injuries and dangerous situations.  The NSC provides detailed information on how to obtain a survey for your employees on their website.   A survey would be a great place to start reviewing your current safety program!

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