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OSHA Limited Industries Have Higher Injuries Rates

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OSHA Limited Industries Have Higher Injuries Rates

December 21, 2012

OSHA has the highest enforcement in areas such as manufacturing, construction and service sectors and more limited enforcement in areas such as small business, state and local government and agriculture.  According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the areas where OSHA has the highest jurisdiction have experienced a decrease in injuries over the past few years.  These sectors experience a rate of 3.5 injuries or illnesses per 100 employees.  The sectors where OSHA’s jurisdiction is more limited experience a rate of 5.7 injuries or illnesses per 100 employees states the article on

The article reminds employees that no matter what industry they work in if they feel that there is a safety issue or a danger it should be reported immediately and if it is not is not taken care of in a timely matter it should be reported to OSHA.  It mentions that all employees have these rights:

-To communicate any safety concerns to OSHA or their employer without retaliation or discrimination.
-To receive training and/or information pertaining to hazards related to their jobs.
-To review safety-related information that OSHA has retained about their jobs and/or employers.

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