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OSHA Safety Resources

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OSHA Resources

OSHA Safety Resources

July 27, 2016

OSHA wants to make finding and utilizing quality safety resources about stopping slip and falls easily available to everyone.  If you are looking for educational materials, posters, hand-outs, booklets or wallet cards that will help you and your employees stay safe and guard against falls then the OSHA website is the place to visit!  They even have a phone app available for your use and can send you multiple copies of handouts upon request.

The resources cover topics such as: how to safety use step ladders, extension ladders and wooden ladders, how to prevent falls in the construction industry as well as in the general work place, and a document on the OSHA heat illness prevention campaign.  All topics are free to use and some include videos and slide presentations.

SlipNOT® also wants to make high quality, free safety resources available to everyone.  The SlipNOT® website offers safety checklists, documents on “how to” make your facility safer, case studies with real companies that have built safety into their facilities with non slip flooring, information on slip resistant standards and a blog that offers information on general safety topics.  Not only can SlipNOT® provide you with actual samples of the fall preventing metal flooring they we will also visit your facility with large samples, materials, a presentation and lunch or refreshments.

OSHA and SlipNOT® want everyone to have access to safety! Check out the resources today!