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To Perf or Not to Perf, That is The Question

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To Perf or Not to Perf, That is The Question

August 6, 2010

SlipNOT® perforated plate offers a great alternative to grating or solid plate supplied with drain holes.  While bar grating is excellent for situations in which drainage is a concern, it may have too much depth or be too heavy for some applications.  Solid plate with drain holes is also used as an option, but does not provide the maximum light, air and liquid flow through that perforated plate does.

Perforated plate is ideal for applications that require a lightweight material.  Perforated plate is roughly half the weight of solid plate with drain holes, and even less weight than bar grating.  SlipNOT® perforated plate also provides a unique appearance that neither grating nor plate can duplicate.

Perforated plate is ideal for applications that require:

  • Lightweight material
  • A unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Drainage
  • Light and air flow
  • Solid surface areas

SlipNOT® perforated plate is also slip resistant with a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85.  For applications where the perforated plate will be used in slick areas, a skid resistant surface is recommended.  SlipNOT® perforated plate can withstand detrimental environments and heavy traffic.