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What is the Purpose of a Non Slip Metal Stair Nosing?

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What is the Purpose of a Non Slip Metal Stair Nosing?

September 16, 2010

A metal stair nosing is a small but critical component of any stairway, whether the stairway is in an industrial facility or a commercial setting.  Often times, smaller components of the stairway are overlooked or corners are cut because of costs and additional labor is involved.  Metal stair nosings should not be ignored.

A metal stair nosing comes in a variety of sizes, materials and options to meet any needs.  If a metal stair nosing is installed on any stairway, it will extend the lifespan of the stair tread by creating protection for the lip of the stair as well as alleviating additional stress or impacts caused by traffic and loads being carried on the stair.

A metal stair nosing can be installed on the lips of newly poured or existing concrete stairs to prevent any crumbling or deterioration or can be retrofitted into any other stairway to absorb impact and provide additional support.  A metal stair nosing installed onto any stairway also provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures a metal stair nosing that goes one step further.  SlipNOT® manufactures an all-metal steel, stainless steel or aluminum slip resistant surface that is applied to a customized metal stair nosing.  The file hard slip resistant surface not only adds the security of safety, but the longevity and durability yearned for.

Whether durability, safety or aesthetics are required for your stairway, a non-slip metal stair nosing is the simple answer for any stair!