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safety coated flooring for the food industry

Flooring Options for the Food Industry

The food processing industry faces more scrutiny than many other industries, meaning food processing facilities have to carefully consider flooring options.

Food Safety Regulations

FSMA Rule Revisions

Keeping up with the FSMA Guidelines is important. Check out this helpful article featured in Food Manufacturing magazine. SLIPNOT products can help maintain employee and food

Plant Regulation

Plant Construction Survey

Food Engineering Magazine performed their 37th Annual Plant Construction Survey and found that the number of reportable new construction projects was down a bit from 2012.

FSMA Comments

The FSMA, Food Safety Modernization Act, has been in the work for years.

FDA Making Food Safer

For years we have been hearing about how drugs used in the production of animals have damaging effects on humans.

FDA Safety Ban

Last week the FDA banned the use of trans fats in all foods.

Safety Standards for Imported Food

In July the FDA proposed new rules stating that companies will be responsible for checking the safety of food that they directly import.

Is Your Plant FSMA Ready?

While this will not be a cheap process for many plants, according to an article in Food Engineering Magazine, the FDA has estimated $1,000 to $25,000 depending on the facility

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