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the safety experience

The Safety Experience

Safety programs should be sold to employees to encourage engagement and ownership. Many safety programs can do more to keep workers engaged and improve the safety experience.

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ASSE Offers Micro-Learning Opportunities

The ASSE is dedicated to safety education. Micro-learning is a new way of reaching employees and management with short, highly informative teaching sessions.

Managing Risks

Implementing a safety program that focuses on mitigating risks before they become incidents will keep workers more safe than a reactive safety program.

Social Influences and Workplace Safety

Humans are naturally influenced by social cues around them. This social influence can have either negative or positive effects in the workplace.

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Micro Learning and Safety

What is the best training technique? What will most efficiently reach all employees no matter their own individual learning style?

Safety Leader Statements

Have you seen the decorative plaques entitled “Family Rules” that include statements such as: Always Tell the Truth, Do Your Best, Use Kind Words?

Engraining Safety in Business

An article in Michigan Manufacturing Magazine entitled “Safety as a Business Outcome” talks about how safety is not just an absence of injuries nor an outside process.

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