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Leading Indicators in Safety

Using leading indicators to measure the success of a safety and health program is becoming more common and can make it easier to achieve continuous improvement.


Teaching Teens Workplace Safety

First jobs provide an important opportunity to learn how to work safety and responsibly. Employers must train teens differently than adults with previous experience.

translating safety language

Translating Safety Language

When safety professionals and corporate officers speak the same language, safety progress can be made.

the safety experience

The Safety Experience

Safety programs should be sold to employees to encourage engagement and ownership. Many safety programs can do more to keep workers engaged and improve the safety experience.

health and safety trends

Health and Safety Trends 2018

Every year brings new trends to workplace health and safety. Trends for 2018 include increased focus on mental health and addiction, more safety occupations, virtual reality

the cost of workplace injuries

The Cost of Workplace Injuries

The 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index lists the top 10 most costly nonfatal workplace injury causes hoping to help employers mitigate those risks and hazards.

employee safety concerns

Employee Safety Concerns

Leading up to Workers’ Memorial Day, the National Safety Council drew attention to 6 things causing employees to be concerned about their safety.

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