Spring Ladder Rung Promotion

Refurbish or build new ladders using SLIPNOT® ladder rungs or rung covers now through May 31 and receive a 20% discount.

Did you know that you can replace the rungs on your ladder with SLIPNOT® non-slip rungs? With a few welds, you’ll have a refurbished ladder that’s better than new!

Now through May 31, SLIPNOT® is offering a promotion on ladder rungs and rung covers:

  • 20% off stock size bundles of 5 (all alloys) rungs or rung covers
  • 20% off quantities of (36) 18-1/2” lengths (all alloys) rungs or rung covers
  • For other quantities and sizes, normal standard pricing applies

To order your ladder rungs or rung covers, either use our request form below or call one of our sales specialists directly at 800-754-7668

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