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Increasing manufacturing output is the topic of an interesting article this month in Food Manufacturing Magazine.  The article does a great job of giving practical ways to make production move quicker while still placing important emphasis on the well being of employees.  Phillip Odette suggests four ways to run a smooth efficient operation while still “celebrating the staff.”

1.)    Improve raw material use: The author suggests using data analysis, collecting information, at every point in the production cycle and the supply chain.  Focusing on waste as well as the effort it takes for production will help materials move through the line with as few “touch points” as possible.  Eventually, with observation, problems in the manufacturing line can be solved and quality products without much waste can be obtained.

2.)    Incentives: Choosing between individual incentives or group incentives really depends on what type of goal is trying to be met.  If specific area needs the most improvement and one individual is responsible for a very specialized part of the chain, motivating that staff member may be the way to increase efficiency.  In most manufacturing situations however, a group incentive is most likely to happen.  It encourages cooperation and keeps blame away from the production line.  The author suggested a tiered approach to a goal.  This involves setting a realistic improvement goal for the employees.  Once this goal is met give 75% of the incentive and then reward the remaining 25% once a higher goal is achieved.

3.)    Flexibility:  Working out kinks in production lines, being flexible and limiting distractions and interruptions is important in the factory.  Being sure to recognize that the same sort of process should be applied to the office and corporate end of things being is very important.

4.)    Asking for help: There are specialists that can come in and take a look at your production line.  Spotting areas of improvement and helping to eliminate wasted time and products is their specialty.  Hiring outside help may be necessary however a great place to start is by giving the staff an opportunity to suggest changes and observations.  Working everyday in the production environment gives employees the upper hand in spotting where improvements can be made.  Be sure to let employees know that there is no “stupid question or suggestion.”

SLIPNOT products help eliminate the risk of slipping and falling.  Ruling out slippery working conditions can also help increase worker confidence and efficiency in a production line.  While there is no magic list of suggestions or products to install to make your production line perfect, working together with all employees and high quality flooring products may give your manufacturing output the boost it may need.

Odette, Phillip. “How to Increase Manufacturing Output.” August 8, 2014, August 14, 2014.

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