Non Slip Aluminum Plank

Slip resistant aluminum plank is a durable flooring solution that is installed on applications such as docks, stair treads, scaffolding, bridges, mezzanines, and platforms.  Aluminum plank is made from extruded aluminum and is known for its lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, minimal maintenance, and excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  The flush surface and ability to pass light and air make aluminum plank an excellent choice.  Plank is available in rectangular punched plank, solid plank, or ADA diagonal punched plank for your convenience.

SLIPNOT aluminum plank has a bond strength of at least 2,000 PSI; but when coated with steel or stainless steel, plank has a bond strength of at least 4,000 PSI.  The high traction surface in all directions keeps pedestrians and workers on their feet.

Plank can be custom cut or sold in stock sizes below:

  • Thickness: 1” minimum, 2-1/2” maximum
  • Width: 6” minimum, 36” maximum
  • Length: 20’ maximum

Aluminum plank coated with SLIPNOT far exceeds slip resistant recommendations set by OSHA, ADA, ASTM, and UL.  Its coefficient of friction remains 0.85 or higher even when wet or covered with debris.

SLIPNOT has provided anti-skid aluminum plank to various companies such as Walt Disney, The Hilton, Denver International Airport, General Motors, Shell Canada, among others.  You may browse our entire selection of slip resistant aluminum plank and see related case studies.

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