Non-slip Flooring Products Can Help Reduce Accidents in Public Settings

Preventing slip and fall accidents in public buildings is crucial.  The Dundee City Council office building, located in the United Kingdom, is undertaking a new project in replacing the flooring throughout their facility.  Numerous staff members have reported slip and fall accidents in areas of the facility and at least one staff member has been taken to the hospital with a serious leg injury.  Construction is underway on each alternate floor to replace the existing slick flooring.  By alternating the construction, the building will be allowed to remain open and functioning.

Identifying areas where slip and falls can occur and taking proper precautions to prevent accidents are essential to creating a safe working environment.  By installing slip resistant products in their facility, the staff at the Dundee House can walk with confidence.   From entryway grating and ladder rungs and access hatches, slip resistant products can help reduce slip and fall accidents in any environment.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal slip resistant coating that can be applied to metal substrates for use in almost any environment.  The SLIPNOT surface will not flake off or chip off, and will last years longer than any grit or taped on products.

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