Non Slip Ladder Improves School Safety

Non Slip Ladder Rungs

School safety is a top priority of Americans.  The increased media attention associated with keeping our children safe in school has brought forth a variety of discussions.  Security, transportation, food safety, athletics and violence are common topics discussed in regards to school safety.  Schools of all educational levels need to be equipped with the proper resources to prevent students and employees from becoming injured on school property.  Manufacturers, building contractors, architects and engineers all play an important role in protecting children and employees at school.

The Indiana Department of Labor published an article titled “Public Elementary and Secondary School Workers, Occupational Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities.”  In 2008, 5,800 elementary and secondary school workers were injured in the state of Indiana.  Falling was the most common event of school employees that resulted in injuries, and second most common source that resulted in fatalities.  600 instances of falling resulting in injuries occurred total: 440 events falling to the same level, and 160 events falling to a lower level.  Unfortunately, workers can easily slip in working conditions that may lead to missed time at work, serious injuries, or death.

Recently, Four Province Masonry reached out to SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring to improve the safety of a school building by improving the condition of an often overlooked safety hazard; slippery ladders. SLIPNOT created custom non slip U-shaped ladder rungs for Four Province that were attached to the school brick building. Four Province chose SLIPNOT’s stainless steel ladder rungs because they would not rust or corrode in the outdoor setting. Now, when workers need to use the ladder, school administrators can have confidence that no one will fall and become injured.

Programs creating stricter standards for school renovation and construction projects are requiring safety products be incorporated to new school designs.  Permanent safety solutions, such as SlipNOT® flooring products, are a good choice for school renovations.  Ladders are not the only type of applications where SLIPNOT can help improve the safety of school buildings.  SLIPNOT stair treads or nosings can be retrofitted onto existing slippery steps prevent children and staff from falling on school property.

School safety should be examined in all aspects.  Health and safety issues in schools occur for a variety of reasons beyond athletic injuries, the common flu, bullying, mold, and even stress.  The building children and administers occupy every day need to be safely built, maintained, and free of hazards at all times in order to keep all faculty, students, and maintenance workers injury free.  Ultimately, keeping students safe will always be a priority of school administrators.  In order to keep the students safe, we must make sure the school workers are protected as well as ensuring school buildings are hazard free.

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