Non Slip Safety at Breweries

Breweries might not be the first place you think of when talking about slips and falls.  In reality, there are many dangers within a brewery that must be addressed in order to keep workers safe and beer production efficient.  Some of the dangers within a brewery include:

1.)    Electrical safety

2.)    Hot liquids

3.)    Slips, trips and falls

4.)    Material handling

5.)    Pressurized components

6.)    Burners, boilers and hot surfaces

7.)    Conveyors

A brewery is generally made up of the brew house, where the actual brewing takes place, along with a facility for packaging and distributing.  Restaurant breweries may have a different set up.  Due to the fact that the brew house is generally given very limited space, the brewing components may be stacked up on each other letting gravity help with the process.  Ramps and stairs leading to these various components are essential and must be considered in the safety process.

Slips and falls with in a brewery can happen for numerous reasons.  The most common reasons are:

1.)    Changes in surface elevation

2.)    Wetted surfaces

3.)    Change in surface friction

4.)    Slippery products

5.)    Sloppy work practices

6.)    Being distracted

7.)    Inebriated or untrained guests on a tour.

Making sure that hoses and pumps are put away when not in use and are not located within walkways is one way to control liquid build up on the floor.  Working and efficient drains are also important in keeping walkways free of slippery liquids.

SLIPNOT’s high traction metal flooring products can help decrease the chance of slip and fall accidents within a brewery.  Slip resistant plates can be custom fabricated into ramps, stair treads and work platforms. Non slip grating and perforated plates create textured drains.  Flooring can be cleaned with a power washer and remains slip resistant even when covered with liquid.  McMenamins Pub and Brewery installed non slip aluminum angles on the stairs that lead from their brewery to the restaurant.  These stairs were often slippery because of the steam and wet conditions of the brewery.

Safety should be considered a main ingredient in any brewery hoping to produce a high quality beer.

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