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NSC (National Safety Council), ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) and AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) all teamed up in a letter sent to Sen. Tom Harkin (chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee).  They urged and requested support for OSHA and NIOSH funding.

After thanking Congress for funding OSHA and NIOSH, they addressed the reduced funding of OSHA and talked about a few of the riders that they found to be troubling in the 2013 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education bill.  The article on www.ehstoday.com describes this process.  The bill’s rider includes:

1.)    Preventing OSHA from promoting a rule on injury and illness prevention programs

2.)    Preventing OSHA from enforcing a new residential fall protections directive

3.)    Preventing OSHA from enforcing parts of a standard on grain handling safety in silos

4.)    Getting rid of the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program

NSC, ASSE and AIHA decided to team up in this effort to show that they were very concerned with this bill and these riders.  They wanted to squash the possible believe by some legislators that workplace safety is too expensive and that they can’t afford to fund regulatory health and safety agencies.  They were extremely concerned with the rider that prevents OSHA from promoting a rules on injury and illness prevention.  According to the article John Ulczycki stated: “A basic, elementary safety management system, or an injury and illness prevention program, is a core element of any company, or it ought to be,” he explained. “If OSHA can’t even regulate the most basic, fundamental standards related to safety, then that’s a real concern. The opposition to OSHA regulation on this issue, coming from some members of the House, is something we don’t understand because we see broad agreement for it in the business community.”

In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense for OSHA to not be able to promote safety programs.  That’s one of the things they are here to help with.  By promoting injury and illness prevention, companies can thrive and workers can be more efficient and productive.  Companies promote safety by following OSHA regulations on things like safety flooring and equipment.  By having a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85, SLIPNOT products exceed OSHA safety regulations and therefore help prevent injury.

Walter, Laura. “Safety Organizations Urge Congressional Support for OSHA, NIOSH.”www.ehstoday.com. Nov 29, 2012. Dec 3, 2012.

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