Diamond Plate and Smooth Road Plates on Roadways Safe?

Have you even been in a major city where there is tons of road and sidewalk construction and seen steel diamond plate or smooth road plates covering unsafe conditions?  Typically the plates are covering an opening in the roadway for water, sewer, gas electrical, replacement, improvement or new construction trenches.  When placing a diamond or smooth plate on a roadway or sidewalk they need to be secured to the pavement for safety of motorist, bicyclist and pedestrians. If the plates are not secured they could cause serious injury or death.

The most common way to adhere road plates to the roadway is with cold patch asphalt.  Cold patch can be applied right from the container without heating and heavy machinery.  The disadvantage of cold patch is hazardous to the environment, non-reusable and labor intensive to install and remove.  Another alternative to adhere the road plates to the road is with Plate Lock.  This product is reusable and cost effective road plate securing system. Plate Locks are made from recyclable, safety orange polypropylene thermoplastic.  They are fastened around the edge of the road plate directly to the road with concrete anchors preventing sliding and shifting of the plate.

Steel diamond plate or smooth plate can become slippery in wet conditions for motorists, bicyclist and pedestrians also causing serious injuries.  By applying a slip resistant product to the plates, the chances of slips, trips and falls are minimized.  By adding SLIPNOT to the road plates the plates will remain safe and slip-free in wet conditions whether its rain or snow.  SLIPNOT is a molten metal process applied directly to the road plate surface.  With surface hardness between 55 – 63 on the Rockwell “C” scale and bond strength of at least 4,000 psi means SLIPNOT is a durable anti-slip product.  SLIPNOT can be applied to customer supplied diamond plate or smooth plate.  SLIPNOT recommends replacing diamond plate due to the raised pattern with smooth plate coated with the patented non-slip surface.  Grip Plates® are available in stock widths and lengths as well as custom fabrication not exceeding 72” wide and 144” long.

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