Checklist for Creating a Safety Plan

  • Identify Problem Areas
    • We suggest getting your employees involved with this project. They are the ones working in the field; they know where there are small hazards and large hazards.
    • Survey the area to make sure that all problem areas are addressed: stairways, ladders, platforms, drainage areas, entrance ramps, handrails, walkways, around machinery, etc.
  • Develop Solutions for Correcting these Problem Areas
    • We also suggest getting your employees involved in this process. They may have very good ideas on how to correct the areas they frequent.
  • Consult a Safety Professional
    • It would be a good idea to research on the internet for a company that assess and help solve safety issue within a facility or location. They may be able to walk you through the entire process.
  • Invite a Safety Representative to Assess Problem Areas
    • We think that it is helpful to ask the safety professional to physically visit your facility. Show them the list of problem areas that you and your employees found, and ask them to assess your findings and make further suggestions.
  • Research your Options
    • A safety professional may suggest completely replacing a work platform and that may not be feasible. Check into other options such as retrofitting a product over your existing platform for added safety at a more economical price.
    • Make sure the suggestions make sense for your company.
  • Talk to Other Companies
    • We suggest taking a look at other company’s safety programs. You can keep a look on the internet and in magazines for companies that are doing a great job with safety. If they are not a competitor, contact them and see if they could give any suggestions.
  • Make Sure your Plan is Compliant with OSHA and ADA Standards
    • Both OSHA and ADA have suggestions and standards when it comes to safety. Research what they are and make sure that your new plan meets their suggestions.
  • Conduct Training and Educational Programs for Employee
    • We suggest making sure that your employees know exactly what your new safety plan is. Keep them involved in the process and implementation of the safety plan.

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