Making Grating Drains Safe

Drainage grates are incorporated into cities and sidewalks all over the world.  In order for DOT’s to provide safe drainage grates for pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles, specific guidelines must be followed in the design stages.

Check off the items below to help ensure your drainage grates meet standards:

  • The grates are stable and firm
    • Gratings used in these types of situations must be stable and firmly in place.  Cars, trucks and buses will be crossing these surfaces daily.  The grating must be able to withstand a few tons of weight without cracking or collapsing.
  • There is a slip resistant surface applied
    • A slip resistant surface needs to be applied to drainage grates.  Water, ice, snow and other types of oils or moisture may condense on the surface of grating.  Adding the slip resistant surface will increase traction and allow for pedestrians and bicyclists to remain safe when water is present.
  • The grating is close spaced
    • Grating must be no wider than ½” and inch to prevent tires from getting trapped, pedestrian feet from getting stuck and wheelchair wheels and canes from becoming trapped.
  • The grating will be running vertical to the traveling path
    • Having the grating run perpendicular to the path traveled is necessary to prevent tires of bikes and wheel chairs from becoming trapped and creating a hazardous situation.
  • The opening of the drainage grate will allow for debris to pass through
    • The drainage grate must allow for debris to pass through without clogging the drain.  Rain, snow and other precipitation must be able to pass through freely without pooling around the grating.

Adding a slip resistant surface to these grates will help to increase safe passages for everyone.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal non-slip coating that provides a high traction surface when applied to metal substrates.  This non skid coating provides a long lasting, extremely durable surface that will not chip off or deteriorate.

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