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Worker Safety Equals Happier Customers

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Worker Safety Equals Happier Customers

February 8, 2013

A study by the National Safety Council found that workplace safety may actually affect customer satisfaction.  821 employees at a Midwestern electric utility company’s power delivery and customer care groups were observed.  These work groups are responsible for jobs such as meter reading, billing, installation, emergency services, service of lines and more.  The results showed that the companies injury rates and safety climate “significantly correlated” to their customer’s satisfaction.  The units that had higher employee injuries had fewer happy customers than the units with a low injury rate.

The study stated that employees might feel that they have permission to do things right when they work in a positive safety climate.  Doing things right is a value that will affect several domains of work behavior, some of which influence the quality of the work done.  These results are good news for safety professionals.  They show that there are positive outcomes when safety is taken seriously and when workers are involved in a good safety environment.  This gives safety professionals even more backing to push for improved safety and reduced injuries.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring products give companies, like electric utility units, the confidence they need to do a good job.  Non slip plates have been used on utility vehicles and as utility vault covers giving workers sure traction even in wet conditions.

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Link to the study: