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Choosing the Correct Flooring to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

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Choosing the Correct Flooring to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

October 24, 2011

Slip and fall accidents are repeatedly occurring throughout American businesses on a daily basis; costing a fortune in lost productivity, workers’ compensation insurance and other expenses.  Health care alone costs $37 billion each year.  The high record of slip and falls are considered the number one enemy in the work place; although they are the easiest accident to prevent.  Many businesses take pride in their clean, shiny floors, due to the aesthetic appeal.  But what they don’t realize is that once contaminants are combined with the smooth flooring, accidents are bound to happen. Before choosing flooring for your company you should ask yourself the following:

What is the nature of the traffic area?  Does your company have light foot traffic or heavy vehicular traffic?  Heavy vehicles may need rugged and durable flooring such as steel, whereas foot traffic would benefit from lightweight surfaces.

What contaminants are likely to affect the surface? Common contaminants such as chemicals, acids, oils, grease, food by-products, soaps and powders could pile up in a certain area, creating a slick surface.  Once you figure out what types of contaminants are in your facility, you may want to find a surface which provides more traction than normal for your employees.

What type of application do you have? Different applications include loading docks, steps, walkways, ramps, platforms, vehicle beds & bumpers, among many others.  Depending on what type of application you have will help determine the type of flooring you may need.

By asking yourself these three easy questions, you may reduce any future slip and falls and determine you need a non slip flooring.  If your company is looking for aesthetic appeal and safety, you may consider SlipNOT®’s non slip flooringSlipNOT®’s high bond strength between the metal coating and metal substrate provides durability and longevity for a large scope of projects.

“Don’t Let the Surface Floor You”.  ITW Polymer Technologies.