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Stainless Steel Plates Fabrication Methods

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Stainless Steel Plates Fabrication Methods

May 14, 2012

Stainless steel plates are utilized because of their high strength, resistance against corrosion, versatility and aesthetics.  Due to the fact that stainless steel plates are commonly used throughout a plethora of environments, it must be cut in specific ways.  There are different methods in which stainless plates can be cut.

Plates can be cut with a water jet cutter.  A thin stream of water is shot at the stainless steel at an extremely high rate of speed and with an immense amount of pressure.  The water erodes the steel and cuts it.  Water jet cutters are used when high temperature cutting is not an option.

Stainless steel plates can be cut with a plasma cutter.  Plasma cutting forces gas or sometimes compressed air through a nozzle at a very high rate of speed.  An electrical current then runs through the gas creating a plasma stream.  The high temperature of the plasma cuts the stainless steel plates.

Bandsaws can also cut stainless plates.  A bandsaw cuts the metal with long thin blades.  It cuts at a slow speed with the blade moving through the piece of steel.  In order to maintain a sharp accurate cut a lubricating mist should be used during the process.

An inexpensive but crude way to cut metal plates is with a reciprocal saw.  This saw also has a long blade that cuts through the steel at a variety of speeds.  A reciprocal saw should not be used for detailed fine work.

Once the plates are cut, they are shipped on for further fabrication or installation.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring takes stainless plates and coats them with a non-slip surface.  Cutting and fabrication should be done before the file hard surface is applied, however plasma cutting and water jet cutting are still effective ways of cutting the stainless steel plates after SlipNOT® is applied.  The slip resistant surface is very hard and will wear on the blades of a bandsaw or reciprocal saw.

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