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What’s the difference between a stair tread nosing and angle?

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What’s the difference between a stair tread nosing and angle?

May 21, 2012

The nose of a stair can wear quickly, causing the potential for injury and liability in public places.  Retrofitting an abrasive stair tread nosing over these worn areas can provide maximum safety while decreasing slip and fall accidents.  An angle may also be put in place on stairs to prevent accidents.  What exactly is the difference between a nosing and an angle?

Angles are bent into a 90 degree angle and are made to form exactly to a stair tread that also has a 90 degree angle.  They can be manufactured from plates of varying thicknesses to fit job specifications.  They may also be ordered in a variety of lengths to fit into existing stairways or in new construction.  Angles can be used in new construction to prevent the wear and tear on the tread, or they may be installed in existing construction that has worn and creating a trip hazard.

Nosings are also made to fit stair treads.  A nosing may be bent to an angle of 82 degrees, forming a curve in the material rather than a straight 90 degree angle.  This types of nosing fits treads that also have a bend incorporated into it, therefore creating a surface that sits flush with the tread itself.

Each nosing or angle may be attached to stair treads by welding, bolted down using countersunk holes or anchors such as J-hooks.  Fashioned from steel, stainless steel or aluminum plates, nosings and angles are available in thicknesses of 1/8” to ¼”.  A steel stair tread nosing may also be galvanized to ward off corrosion in wet or oily areas.

Applying a slip resistant surface to a metal stair tread nosing creates a high traction surface that will last for years and will help increase safety and productivity.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures preeminent stair tread nosings, angles  and other safety products.  Proven to last years longer than taped on or painted on products, the SlipNOT® surface surpasses recommendations for slip resistance set forth by OSHA and ASTM.