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Steel Demand Increases Price

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Steel Demand Increases Price

April 9, 2012

Josh Spoores, a research manager from Majestic Steel USA, states that the price of steel will rapidly increase worldwide over the next few years due to a higher demand for steel in Brazil.  Brazil has been a major net exporter of finished steel products but their economy is steel-intensive and their economy is growing.  As Brazil uses more and more steel they will become an importer of steel therefore increasing the price of the metal.

Countless products are made out of steel or contain steel.  From structural support to safety products, steel is an integral part of building construction, infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, aerospace and utilities among other industries.  An increase in steel prices will affect everyone in every industry.  By purchasing a high quality, long lasting steel safety product companies make a wise economic decision.  A durable steel non-slip flooring will remain usable for decades, helping to keep costs down for any company that uses this slip resistant product.

SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures long lasting, high traction steel safety products such as steel plate, grating, nosings, stair treads, drain covers, expansion joint covers and ladder rungs/covers.  Products Products can be custom fabricated into countless applications.  Non-slip steel flooring can then be painted or galvanized in order to prevent corrosion.

Companies such as  Anchor Hocking Glass Company and Honda’s assembly plant chose to install economically smart steel safety products.

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