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What are your Health and Safety Rights?

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What are your Health and Safety Rights?

May 19, 2020

Do you know your rights as an employee? Do you feel safe in your place of employment? As workplaces around the country are beginning to open back up after being closed during the pandemic it’s important to know your rights as a worker.

There are several federally mandated rights that all employees, in all industries, have.  According to OSHA website, “your employer must provide a workplace free of known health and safety hazards.” If you feel that your employer is not providing a safe and healthy workplace you have the right to bring this to their attention “without fear of retaliation.”  You should feel safe in your place of employment.  There are other worker rights that OSHA has listed on their website as well.

  • Be trained in a language you understand
  • Work on machines that are safe
  • Be provided required safety gear, such as gloves or a harness and lifeline for falls
  • Be protected from toxic chemicals
  • Request an OSHA inspection, and speak to the inspector
  • Report an injury or illness, and get copies of your medical records
  • See copies of the workplace injury and illness log
  • Review records of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Get copies of test results done to find hazards in the workplace

These are all important things to know!  When employees feel safe and feel that their employer is looking out for their health and safety, they are more apt to work efficiently and be more productive. Do you feel that way in your environment?  If you have questions about safety and health concerns in your workplace OSHA also provides Frequently Asked Questions that may help.  A few of the questions they answer are as follows:

A workplace that truly cares about their employees will do it’s best to follow industry set “best practices” as well as following safety and health protocol.   Take a look at the OSHA page for more ways to ensure you feel safe at your place of employment