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Floor grating is a popular choice for walkways, stair treads, trench covers, catwalks and mezzanines.  Grating can come in different materials and types.  Steel floor grating is a popular choice for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and oil and gas for their individual needs and applications.  The most popular and economical choice of floor grating is welded bar grating, which is a system of interlocked bars and cross bars that are welded together to form a load bearing panel.  The grating allows for light and air to pass through, as well as liquids and other debris.

Grating is available in various constructions and materials.  When choosing what type of grating is necessary, you must consider the application and the setting.  Grating can be made out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Each type of grating can be ordered in stock sizes or cut to size pieces for easy installation.  If the grating is used in a facility where dust, oils, lubricants and other fluids are present, slip resistant steel floor grating options such as riveted bar steel floor grating or patented non-slip metal coatings on steel floor grating are a must for protecting workers from slip and fall injuries.

Steel floor grating is a well-liked choice in settings where high strength flooring is needed.  It requires little or no maintenance and it does not wear easily.  Steel is one of the most commonly found alloys in the world.  Most structures today are made out of a steel skeleton; skyscrapers, bridges, and stadiums are just a few to name.

Steel floor grating is also available in sizes that are compliant with AASHTO and ADA and High Heel requirements.  These gratings are made of ј” thick material with the space between the bars being Ѕ”.  This allows for wheelchairs and high heels to walk and roll across the grating without becoming trapped or caught in the spaces between the bars.  This grating style is popular for companies that have a lot of pedestrian traffic, such as entrances to office buildings and sidewalk grating.  It is also available in carbon or stainless steel alloys.

Whether the application is in a commercial setting or a manufacturing setting, companies can rely on steel floor grating for its longevity, strength, and cost effectiveness.  Slip resistant options for grating will also help workers and pedestrians confidence while walking in the facility.

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