Steel Floor Grating

Steel floor grating is used for many different applications such as catwalks, stair treads, vault covers, and various walkways.  Manufacturing companies and industrial settings utilize steel floor grating due to its surface hardness, slip resistance and longevity.  When it comes to slip resistance, SLIPNOT offers a metal coating which provides a high traction, non-slip surface on top of steel floor grating.  Depending on the setting, employers may require a different finish, or different level of slip resistance.  Below are the three finishes steel floor grating offers.

  • Mill Finish:  Raw material with only SLIPNOT slip resistant coating.  Mill finish is mainly used for indoor environments.
  • Painted:  SLIPNOT water-based paint.  SLIPNOT follows a specific process when applying the paint as to not compromise the slip resistant surface.  If paint is not applied by SLIPNOT, then specific instructions must be followed.  SLIPNOT usually applies black paint, but can be offered in safety yellow or customized to meet your job specifications.
  • Galvanized:  Hot-dipped galvanized finish to prevent corrosion.  Galvanized steel is particularly used for outdoor environments due to the wet conditions.

Steel floor grating may be purchased in stock sizes or may be custom fabricated to meet project specifications.  It also comes in many different styles, bar sizes and spacing options.  The patentedSLIPNOT slip resistant surface can be applied to any style of steel floor grating.  It is available in three surface grades or textures: Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium) and Grade 3 (Coarse).  Full slip resistant coverage is crucial in wet and oily environments such as manufacturing plants or an oil rig.

When SLIPNOT coating is added to steel floor grating, it brings forth a file hard surface between 55-63 on the Rockwell “C” scale and a bond strength of at least 4,000 psi.  SLIPNOT’s coefficient of friction is greater than or equal to 0.85 and exceeds all the requirements for an ASTM / ANSI slip resistant surface.    If you have an existing steel floor grating that is unsafe, the SLIPNOT surface can be added.  Another option is retrofitting SLIPNOT expanded metal over the steel floor grating, instantly creating a safe surface.

SLIPNOT’s durable steel floor grating will bring you and your company confidence and clarity, knowing that your next move is a safe one.

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