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Workers Memorial Day

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OSHA Safety

Workers Memorial Day

May 5, 2014

Last week marked a special day of remembrance for OSHA and employees in many companies around the world.  April 28, 1971 is not only the day that OSHA was established, but now marks a special day called various names such as Workers Memorial Day, the Day of Mourning or World Day for Safety.  The day is set apart so that every work related death, injury or illness is remembered as more than just a statistic but as the loss of “a loved ones life, the diminution or loss of a father’s or mother’s ability to provide for family needs, or a medical crisis that can have lifelong consequences,” quotes Dr. John Howard, NIOSH’s director.

Ceremonies, programs, speakers and special events are a few ways that organizations in various countries are reminding workers that worker health and safety is extremely important and working together to keep improving safety and decreasing tragedies is something to strive for.

While there are many reasons that workplace injuries happen, slip and fall accidents are included in the top most common work related hazards.  Various factors including environment and type of product produced must be considered when looking for a product to help decrease the chance of worker catastrophes. For this reason, SlipNOT® offers several different types of metal products with varying slip resistant surfaces.  These non slip products are 100% grit free and NSF registered for use in food processing facilities.  They are also available in a galvanized steel or extremely coarse Grade 3 surface for use in very harsh environments such as oil and gas rigs.   Products can be custom cut and fabricated in order to fit in almost any work place.

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