Expanded Metal Installation

Installing non-slip expanded over slippery floorings is a time and cost effective way of incorporating safety into any environment.  Expanded metal by definition is an “open mesh of metal produced by stamping out alternative slots in sheet metal and then stretching it to an open pattern.”  It is easily fabricated to different sizes/shapes and can be bent to retrofit to fit specific environments.  By adding a non-slip surface to the expanded metal instant safety is created.

There are two basic ways that expanded metal can be safely installed.

1.)    Welding:  Expanded metal is often welded over grating and floor plate. When welding over grating the weld generally takes place where the expanded metal intersect the grating bearing bars.  Other than that there is no specific space within the expanded metal design that is best for the weld.

2.)    Bolting:  in order to bolt expanded metal onto another surface the best method is to use an oversized washer with a button head screw.  This does leave a raised surface where the washer and bolt are.   Garlock Sealing Technologies used this method when installing SLIPNOT ® non-slip expanded metal over their stair treads.  The expanded metal was retrofit over the tread itself and then bolted on.

Retrofitting expanded metal is a great alternative to replacing large amounts of flooring.  Installing expanded metal is easily done and helps cut down on any down time that is created when flooring is refurbished or replaced.  Consider non-slip expanded metal as a way to keep employees and pedestrians safe.

Definition of expanded metal from: www.thefreedictionary.com

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