Safety and reassurance from the ground up

SLIPNOT® specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies cover walkways, entryways, stairs, ladders and more where you live, work and play. To the delight of building managers, 90%+ of slips and falls can be eliminated with SLIPNOT.

commitment to

Each day, 175 million Americans leave their homes for work. Medical practitioners who treat patients. Business leaders guiding the future of industry. Service providers at the local mall, hotel or restaurant. And manufacturing workers in food processing, chemicals and other plants.

At SLIPNOT, our promise is reinforced with every step you take – because returning you home safely to family and friends at the end of each business day is the right thing to do.


Highest quality products and lowest total cost of ownership, we help make your business profitable and safe.


From education, delivery, and maintenance, we are your safety expert partners through the life of your floor or surface.


Continuously learning, building, and innovating to be the master of one - providing safety and reassurance from the ground up.

Proven technology

SLIPNOT is for nearly every application in food and beverage, industrial, commercial, municipal and recreational spaces.

We apply our patented, high-friction coating technology to steel, stainless steel and aluminum plates, grates and ladders to transform walkways, entryways, stairs, catwalks and mezzanines into safe, non-slip surfaces.

Our slip-resistant coating technology creates unparalleled bond strength to metal surfaces, making it nearly impossible to slip and fall even with the toughest oil, chemical or water spills.

Our products


Floor Plate

SLIPNOT slip resistant plates are the perfect solution for non-slip flooring applications in manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, or even commercial buildings.

Non slip grates for catwalks


SLIPNOT slip resistant grating is an excellent selection for non-slip flooring applications on mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, or other wet or potentially oily environments.

Helipad Decking

Planks & Covers

SLIPNOT slip resistant planks and covers provide anti-slip solutions for decking, platforms, trenches, expansion joints, basin drains, sanitary drains, utility vaults, manholes and so much more.

Anti Slip Ladder Rungs

Rungs & Tube

SLIPNOT slip resistant technologies add an additional level of safety to ladder rungs, ladder rung covers, handrails, and other tube structures.

Safety and efficiency for our customers


As a leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies, our only job is to keep you safe. Our technology covers walkways, entryways, stairs, ladders and more to help avoid slips and falls where you live, work and play.

From the Highline and Times Square in New York City to large food manufacturing plants and the pharmacy around the corner, the expert team at SLIPNOT has been providing safety and reassurance from the ground up since our inception by Bill Molnar in 1987. Headquartered in Detroit, our products and technologies are Manufactured in the U.S. and once installed, over 90% of slips and falls can be avoided.

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