SLIPNOT eliminates risks of slips and falls across multiple industries

Non-slip aerospace applications

Creating safe, durable, and slip resistant working environments

While performing maintenance on aircrafts and aerospace equipment, employees work amidst oil, coolants, and lubricants, creating an extremely slippery walking and working surface. To transform these potentially hazardous work areas into safe and productive environments, SLIPNOT provides specialized non-slip technology for various applications. Our technology allows maintenance technicians to perform system checks and aircraft on ground (AOG) repairs safely and efficiently, without worry of hazardous falls.

SLIPNOT aerospace applications

Portable Access Staircases
Safety Ladders
Tarmac Plates
Removable Trench Plates
Operator & Assembly Platforms

Work Stands
Cargo Access Stands
Flight Lines

Companies with SLIPNOT environments

Aerospace case studies

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