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Non-Slip Steel SlipNOT® Plates Replace Dimple Plate at Goodrich Corporation

The Solution:

Goodrich Corporation is a pinnacle global supplier of systems and services to aircraft, engine, airline and defense force manufacturers. Products include an endless amount of aerospace parts, from landing gear to seating. Goodrich Corporation puts great emphasis on customer and employee relationships. Therefore, safety is a priority in facilities to protect workers. Goodrich Corporation had originally installed dimple plate on a Large Gear Profiler that became a slip hazard when covered in machine coolant and oil. A Large Gear Profiler is a large machine that forms titanium forgings and machines them into aircraft landing gear. The safety manager contacted SlipNOT® for an alternative to dimple plate.

The Solution:

SlipNOT® provided 3/16” Grade 3 steel plates to be installed on and next to the Large Gear Profiler. The Grade 3 steel was the ideal solution due to the fact is the most abrasive surface SlipNOT® offers. Grade 3 SlipNOT® steel was ideal for this environment because there was no concern of corrosion due to the oil and coolant. SlipNOT® floor plates can be retrofitted over existing material or replace inferior slip resistant products.

The Impact:

The client determined SlipNOT® to be the ideal solution due to it’s extreme durability and zero maintenance factor. Goodrich Corporation is pleased with the SlipNOT® Grip Plate® performance and continues to incorporate SlipNOT® in projects that require slip resistance. SlipNOT® steel plates have an unsurpassed surface hardness and withstand the industrial environment, as well as heavy usage. With employee safety in mind, SlipNOT® was the supreme solution for Goodrich Corporation.